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Winter months can play havoc on a weakened immune systems. Our bodies work hard regulating a constant state of well being as we continually move from our warm indoor environments, to a cold dry outdoor one. It's no wonder this time of year is best known as the cold and flu season. Learn some of the many ways to help boost your immune system over the winter months through foraging for wild teas.

We'll snowshoe through the property, looking at the many different trees and plants in their winter state. After a quick harvest, we'll settle in around the stove, and try a few of our brews. With a cup of tea in hand, take time for a solo reflection and some deep well needed relaxation.



Rate $42.50/person (plus HST)

Trip Dates:
January 14th 2017 16 Spots Available

Time: 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Trip Details:
Trip Length: 3 Hours
Trip Type: Loop Hike
Total Distance Travelled: 2km (approximately)
Skill Level: Beginner (no experience required, all welcome)

Sample Itinerary
9:00am Meet at the LUNA Parking Lot
9:15am Group introduction, site orientation, and a hike toward the yurts will begin the program
9:30am Snowshoe Hike and Forage
11:00pm Tea Preparation
11:30pm Silent solo sit and meditation
12:00pm Depart LUNA

How to Register:
To Register for this program, please click on the REGISTER NOW button below and provide us with your preferred date and contact information.


About the Trails:

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The LUNA Project is set a midst a network of trails on a beautiful eighty acre section of reclaimed farmland and forests near the quaint village of St. George, Ontario.

The 4km multi-use trail network allows visitors to explore the property and the various eco-regions it supports. The trail follows through an old growth hardwood forest dominated by beech, hickory and maple before a sudden transition into a forty year old regenerative forest marked by stands of red pine.

Continuing along, guests will also be taken through the marshy floodplains of Beaver Creek, a hauntingly beautiful hawthorn grove, and an undulating prairie of wildflowers and grasses. Each distinct section is home to it's own variety of wildlife and provides us with the opportunity to observe the different species all in our own backyard.

About the Project:

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The LUNA Project is a working model of low impact impact sustainable living. Located in Southern Ontario, our diverse landscape of meadows, forest, fields and wetlands inspire the visitor to view their natural environment in a whole new way.

Learning Unique Natural Alternatives is what we're all about; promoting self sufficiency, confidence, and respect for our natural world. Our site is a true testament to our vision. With 90% of our infrastructure being portable yurts powered by renewable resources, and a strong "buy local" philosophy; LUNA has a very small footprint on its surrounding environment, truly practicing what we teach.


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