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Written by David Masters   
Friday, 31 January 2014 17:18

Written in the Spring 2013

“You’re looking pretty tired girl”, I said to Luna as we walked into the forest.  It saddens me to see my friend fall prey to the sands of time.  Tonight as I gathered sap, I looked back to see her head buried deep in the pail lapping up as much of the sweet sap as she could.  Every day I to drink in the fresh sap from the tree, acting on an age old tradition and belive that as I drink from the land, I’m drinking in all the health and vitality of the forest.  The sap replaces minerals in our bodies that are lacking at this time of year.  Maybe she was just tired and had a hard time getting going, but I was stunned to see her not only 10 minutes later running past me on my trail looking more spry than I had seen her in days.  To that I say,  “Drink in the health of spring my girl, and may the knowledge of the forest live in you and you within the forest.”

Luna passed on June 25th 2013.  

Thank you ALL for your amazing love and support during that time.  Luna helped to guide me onto this path when I started Lunatic Adventures Inc 12 years ago, then again with The LUNA Project 6 years ago. 

Luna has now guided me to a new trail to discover an even greater journey.  Undoubtedly she will continue along hers, touching new souls along the way.

A new moon is on the rise!!

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