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Fading Light...
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Fading Light... PDF Print E-mail
Written by David Masters   
Wednesday, 25 July 2012 01:36

My BBM chimes as a note appears, "just wanted to let you know Sean passed away this morning".  I sit dumfounded in my truck in the middle of a Soybean field.  Sitting, mind blank, watching the leaves cast green waves upon the hills as the north wind rolls silently across the farm.  Sitting...speachless...

Movement suddenly catches my eye as a young male deer glides into the field as the sun slowly sets behind him. Sitting...watching...I drink in this precious gift.  Brim with contentment, the buck returns to the safety of the darkening forest.  Sitting...I ponder.
Soon approaching home, I walk towards the yurt as my steps create excitment in the forest, another deer gracefully bounds away.   Standing...watching, I drink in this precious gift.  Mosquitos buzzand bite with a fury, I dare not move to cause her stress, she's just beginning to relax again.  Standing...I endure the pain, she calms and continues to feed as I slowly back away.

Entering the yurt, the smallest of creatures lay still on my floor.  Breathless, motionless, it's life force gone. Kneeling...I pay my respect.  A mouse without a mother, in desperate search of food and love.  Hunger pulling it from the false security of it's empty nest...till it's light extingushed beside my bed.  Kneeling...i pay me respect.  I'll say a few now meaningless words and apologize to the child of a mother I selfishly laid to rest just a few days before.
Life is fleeting, fragile, and hard.  Big and small, we're all walking the same path.  Respect for all the living, and respect for all we've lost. Walk gently my friends, as we all walk together.
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