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Wild Parsnip PDF Print E-mail
Written by David Masters   
Wednesday, 18 July 2012 13:03
Here's just another reason to show your environment a little more respect.

For years Wild Parsnip has been growing along the trails here at LUNA, and I've always understood it to be a highly edible and tasty plant. The tap root of the plant, much like wild carrot is what foragers are seeking, but be must handle this plant with respect and avoid getting the sap of the plant onto your skin. Please read all the facts you find and get to know your plants before trying to harvest them. You'll read all over the web that this is a poisonous plant that should be removed and or sprayed...and here's why some people feel this...

...a group of Jr. Rangers arrived here to LUNA this morning showing severe signs of phytophotodermatitis caused by getting the juice of the plant on their skin then exposing it to sunlight. Similar to Giant Hogweed, this plant must be handled carefully and respected. These Rangers are a great group of kids and super respectful of their environment. But sometimes, we overlook the simple things which allows nature to always be the ultimate teacher.

Warrior plants will always be there to help teach us respect.


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