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Written by David Masters   
Monday, 09 April 2012 23:48

If you've been keeping up with my sporadic posts, you've most likely read that our berm and water control structures are under repair in our constructed wetland at LUNA.  I've be slowly lowering the water levels of the wetland over the past few weeks to hopefully allow those living there time to adapt.  Sadly, we've encountered yet another hiccup in the repair process.

When removing a couple of boards from the water control structure(knife gate), I noticed the water wasn't draining through the 12" tile as it should.  Through closer examination, we've found a large blockage in the tile obstructing the flow of water through the berm.  The issue, is that it's 53' into the side of the berm, and 16' down from the top.  If we're unable to clear the tile, we may be faced with a costly excavation of the tile and subsequently leaving the wetland dry for the entire year.  This is not good news for the numerous aquatic creatures who've called this piece of water home for more than 2 years now, including this spring a nesting wood duck, numerous turtles, frogs, insects, aquatic plants and countless bull frog tadpoles.  Even at the outflow, we've noticed many small freshwater shrimp swimming about in the rich overflow waters.

This week, we'll be renting a sewer camera to see what we're up against deep inside the berm.  Fingers crossed it's a simple obstruction that we're able to clear with a sewer snake.  With a clear outflow, enlarged overflow and the muskrat damage repaired, we'll be ready for the rains and a reemergence of life.  I hope the current inhabitants can forgive me as i learn through this this massive learning curve of life...lets just say that from the mistakes made on this project, the next wetlands we create will be incredible.



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