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Deeply Rooted PDF Print E-mail
Written by David Masters   
Saturday, 03 March 2012 16:05

The roar intensifies as it approaches. It slams hard onto the soft walls of my yurt waking me from my slumber.  As it passes, it takes with it the old and the weak.  I am witness to the fall of the dead as their branches and decaying bodies hit the forest floor.

Last night and today the winds have reached speeds of 100km plus.  They come in gusts, and last night the first strong gusts woke me from a deep sleep.  After surviving a powerful micro-burst this summer on a canoe trip in Temagami, I know only too well the power of nature.  My nerves during the first few gusts had my stomach in knots, but after a short while, the approaching gusts sounded like waves crashing  on an ocean shore.  The round shape of the yurt and the fact that I built them lower in the valley, means they weather the storms well.

To my delight and amazmnet this morning, a cardinal was still singing his morning song, and the swans still pushed through the storm high overhead on their quest northward.  The power and strength of nature is truly inspiring to me. It shows that when you're deeply rooted, you have the strength and support to weather almost any storm.




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