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Simple Things...
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Simple Things... PDF Print E-mail
Written by David Masters   
Tuesday, 25 January 2011 20:39

A cold bite to the early morning air woke me up to say that it was time throw another log on the fire. Temperature was just below -20 degrees outside and at 3am the sound of popping trees echoed through the forest.

Slipping on my boots and a tattered red checked lumber jacket, I sipped my morning coffee and ventured into the frigid air. Outside there was a thin layer of frost blanketing the meadow as I walked up to gather another days ration of wood for the fire. I paused to gaze deep into the meadow to see the morning sun glisten bits of crystal frost as they fell from the trees. To my right, the full moon is setting low in the west as the sun was breaking the east horizon and slowly warming the eastern skies

This morning I realized yet again, that taking time to appreciate these simple things can truly raise your spirits and focus one's mind.


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# Jennifer Bennett 2011-01-25 12:58 Evening David! Thank you for sharing another day in the life of "the Yurt Guy" (sorry - I'm not as eloquent as you). Love reading your posts - only complaint = not enough of them! Hoping all is well and warm enough with you.
P.S. Will you ever get out to speak at our little dog club in Waterford?
# Amanda Howe 2011-01-31 17:41 Hi David,
Great to read your post here. Sounds like you are surviving the winter. Jan and I both say hi. We're looking at yurts… not sure how well they will do on the wet coast! we'll see.
take care,Amanda, Jan, Vijay and Finnigan
# Stephanie 2011-02-12 13:13 This type of lifestyle seems very intriguing. I have always wanted to live in a cabin type setting, but this is way better alternative. I would love to live in a Yurt, but I wouldn`t know where to start. Building wise, location wise (since I live in Toronto). Do you guys offer any tours? Quote
# Maureen 2011-02-16 11:41 My hubby and I are looking into the "possibility" of yurt life for us and our 2 children. The one thing I would LOVE to know is how warm is a yurt during an Ontario winter…we're up in Eastern Ontario, and I'm just wondering, would a wood stove be enough for heating a yurt during wintertime? Would love to know what you think.
with thanks
# yurt holidays 2011-03-11 20:23 Taking time to appreciate simple things in life encourages positive vibes. Thanks for sharing your yurt life experience. Quote

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