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'Turtle' by Michele Sardy PDF Print E-mail


He was once a turtle,
an ancient guide of men,
and now he is of human form,
no longer one of them.


His turtle shell was once his home,
content to stay within,
but now he has a different one,
that destiny chose for him.

He travels along, steady and sure,
his paddle caressing the lake,
his shell has transformed into a canoe,
his turtle conscience awakes.

And as he wends upon a trail,
a portage meditation,
it's here he turns into a turtle,
a spiritual transformation.

He knows the lakes,
his turtle head,
remembering days gone by,
exploring creeks and floating still,
while loons practiced their cry.

He's one with nature,
a silent partner,
a friend of frog and toad,
and Mother Nature whispers to him,
"Turtle, time to come home".

But he doesn't swim,
afraid of changing,
from body into shell,
he's been this way for far too long,
his turtle past is quelled.

- Michele Sardy

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