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The below menu options are a small sample of the meals we take on ALL of our trips.  Healthy, organic meals are important for us to keep spirits high while on trip.  We take great pride in the food we serve and are happy to accommodate most menu requirements.  Before your trip departs, we will send you an option list to help us plan your fully customized experience.



  1. Jeff's World Famous Breakfast Burritos:
    Thinly sliced organic Yukon gold potatoes, red onion, and cheddar cheese, lightly fried and mixed with scrambled free range eggs, and wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. Served with a side of fresh seasonal organic fruit
  2. Ginger Pear Pancakes:
    a) Light and fluffy pancakes cooked with a hint of fresh ginger and finely chopped organic pear. Served with fresh LUNA maple syrup
    b) Light and fluffy pancakes cooked with chocolate chips and served with maple syrup
    c) Light and fluffy pancakes cooked with fresh wild blueberries (when in season)
  3. Musher's Hot Cereal:
    Organic oats cooked with apples, cinnamon and brown sugar, served with a side of fresh seasonal organic fruit
  4. Voyageur French Toast:
    Thick French toast slices served with real maple syrup and fresh blueberries
  5. Bannock:
    Freshly made bannock paddies with either ham/bacon and cheese, or brown sugar and cinnamon served with freshly sliced fruit
  6. Breakfast B.L.T.:
    Bacon, lettuce, cheese and tomatoes served in a bagel, toasted or not.
  7. P.B. & J:
    Everyone's favorite peanut butter and jam on toasted bagels served with freshly sliced apples and oranges.


  1. Joey's Tuna Wraps:
    Diced organic royal gala apple mixed with tuna and wrapped in a flour tortilla served with baby carrots, and a hot bowl of soup.
  2. Grey Owls Paddle Buffet:
    Four different types of cheese, fruit, spreads and fresh organic pitas, served on a wood paddle while floating across the lake, or a remote rock outcrop to set the perfect backdrop.
  3. Husky Hiker Pasta Salad:
    Organic noodles, mixed with red onion, feta cheese, red and green bell peppers, lightly tossed in our secret dressing. Served with baby carrots on the side
  4. Summertime Wraps:
    Summer sausage wrapped in a flatbread with cheese, cucumber, green peppers, mustard and hummus.
  5. Grilled Cheese Flatbreads:
    Tortilla style flatbreads stuffed with cheese, tomatoes and red onions, folded in half like a panzorati and pan friend to perfection. Served with guacamole dip
  6. Moroccan Couscous:
    Couscous spiced with curry and mixed with red and green peppers, tomatoes and pistachios, stuffed in a warm whole grain pita.
  7. Mexican Style Couscous:
    Couscous cooked with green and red peppers, black and red organic beans, corn and various secret spices all mixed with a thick tomato sauce. Served on its own, or with pitas
  8. Soup:
    Pick your soup! Chicken noodle, minestrone etc... served with thick pitas.


  1. Paddle Pizza:
    Fresh individual pizzas, topped with just about everything you could imagine, served with a warm fresh soup.
  2. Mad Moose Quesadillas:
    Three different cheeses, beans, rice, red onions cooked in a flour tortilla served hot with fresh avocado and Mexican style rice.
  3. Paddle Pasta:
    a) Cheese tortellini served in an organic tomato sauce with camp fire garlic bread, and a seasonal fresh wild greens salad.
    b) Spaghetti served in a tomato sauce with sliced zucchini, green peppers, garlic and onions, served sliced garlic bread pita on the side.
    c) Rotini pasta cooked with a pesto sauce and diced fresh vegetables. Served with pan fried fresh garlic pita slices.
  4. Vegetarian Stew:
    A big stew for a big appetite! Chopped veggies (carrots, potatoes, onion, etc...) cooked in a thick tomato sauce with just the right spices. Served with warm dinner rolls
  5. Paddle Stir fry:
    An assortment of fresh vegetables stir fried in a secret dressing on a bed of wild rice.
  6. Mock Sheppard's Pie:
    Rice, peas, carrots, onions and green peppers thickened with breadcrumbs spiced with Worchester sauce and topped with fluffy potatoes, served with warm dinner rolls.
  7. Middle Eastern Stew:
    Eggplant, zucchini and summer squash diced and served with couscous in a sun-dried tomato and feta cheese sauce.)
  8. Camp Stew:
    a) Chicken/Beef/TVP with chopped potatoes, onion and carrots slowly cooked in a tomato sauce and served with dinner rolls.
    b) Vegetarian meatballs covered with thick gravy and served with pitas and salad.

Deserts and Sweets

We can't spoil all the surprises now can we? We will make sure we have lots of chocolate, cookies, fruit bars, and snacks to satisfy your appetite. Expect not to leave our trips hungry or your sweet tooth unsatisfied.


Each trip is packed with the very best water filtration systems so allow all the fresh water we can possibly drink. There will be ample juice crystals, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and either a red or white wine with your dinner. If you have a preference for red or white wine.

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