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Luna Adventures offers fully guided and outfitted Canadian Wilderness Expeditions for all experience levels.  Whether you're new to wilderness hiking, or you're an experienced white water paddler, we're your one stop adventure outfitter.




To improve collective awareness of our individual impact on the natural environment and to facilitate the empowerment of educated choice


By helping to guide individuals down a path of natural discovery, we aspire to unite individuals with each other, their communities, and the natural environment. It is our mission to foster awareness and respect for the natural world through the provision of wilderness adventures and environmental education.

Environmental Practices

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At LUNA, we strongly consider and evaluate the health of our land and forest inhabitants before the design or implementation of our programs. If the property is showing signs of overuse or stress, we will close for a short period to allow the land to recover. All aspects of soil, water, plant and animal life are considered in this decision.

Over the years, through educated choice, we've managed to lower our Ecological Footprint to 1.5; don't know what this means, try our Eco-Footprint Calculator to see how you compare.

Check out the link below to learn more ways in which we're helping to protect our legacy and ensure it's health for generations to come.

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Trip Menus

We take great pride in designing unique menus for each backcountry excursion. Many misconceptions with camping include feasting on nothing but granola and freeze dried meals. We make sure that every menu is packed with nutritious, enjoyable, and fresh ingredients that will amaze you as to how elegant a wilderness trip can be. Special menu requirements can also be met with advanced notice.

Sample Menu...

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